How do I get a quote?

1. Compose a list with the following components and send using the form below.

a. Let us know if you will be sending the models or if you would like us to purchase them for you. We offer a 20% discount on Games Workshop and Privateer Press box sets.

Forge World - I can order Forge World to supplement your force as required. Just make a note when you list that it is a Forge World model in the quote. We however do not receive discounts from that company.

Bitz - We keep a massive supply of bitz in the studio. If you need bitz check with us and we will let you know what we have on hand. We keep all bitz from projects unless asked otherwise and we pass these on to all of our customers. It’s a way for the gaming community to support each other in our eyes.

b. Choose a color scheme or let our professional artists build one for you. Provide photos in the email if you have any that you would like us to use as a reference. We will match existing work if necessary.

c. List any conversions or other special requests like magnetized weapon options that you want incorporated into the army.

d. What type of base would you like the model on? Sand, swamp, urban rubble, rock slate, snow or bones? We can make anything you ask for. We have a wide variety of resin bases to choose from that we will provide free with commissions.

e. Reference- How did you hear about Stiff Neck Studio?



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